Classifieds, Microsoft Style

from the ah,-to-be-young-and-wealthy dept

If you’re a young techie with an apartment to rent or a car to sell, you’ll go to something like Craigslist and post your wares. Not if you work at Microsoft. At Microsoft, they have their own version of Craigslist/classifieds that’s a little more upscale. While plenty of large companies have internal “marketplace” style offerings, Microsoft is a bit unique in terms of the numbers of phenomenally wealthy folks who still work there – and thus, the product offering ranges a bit more. You still have plenty of garage sale junk level stuff, but there’s also lots of yachts, high end electronics and artwork as well.

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Comments on “Classifieds, Microsoft Style”

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1 Comment
Thom K. says:

The Micronews are still a draw for "alumni"

During my tenure at Microsoft (89-94), the Micronews weekly paper was such a hit that a lot of people actively took time every Friday to grab a copy as soon as it was delivered – just to get a jump on the classified. That of course ended when they went digital, but still something you made sure you caught every Friday morning.

What Wired got wrong (there’s a surprise, huh?) was that you don’t really need to be a Microsoft employee to get the Micronews. Former employees can sign up as “Alumni” and get access to the ads, including posting priveleges, each week. Another interesting anecdote was that the Micronews ads were so popular, wives / husbands / friends of Microsofties would often ask the employees to get them a copy, or just as likely, to please post an ad, in order to sell something to all those MS conspicuous consumers.

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