Are The RIAA Lawsuits Working?

from the so-they'd-have-you-believe dept

Ever since the RIAA started suing their customers, there’s been an upturn in CD sales. It’s no surprise, of course, to find out that record industry execs now believe the legal slapdown strategy is working wonders. There are, of course, plenty of other explanations (such as the economy rebounding), but I’d actually buy into the idea that, in the short term, the RIAA’s legal strategy was likely to boost CD sales. The bigger question is whether or not it is a long term strategy that can work. Despite efforts by people to boycott the RIAA (which just doesn’t work), most people are still going to go out and get the music they want. However, increasing the negative impression customers have of the established recording industry just sets up an opportunity for other, more customer friendly, options to come along. When consumers have no other choice, they’ll hold their nose and stick with what’s given them – but given some choice, they’ll run like bandits. The music industry may have won a short term battle, but they’ve opened up a huge opportunity for a new model in music distribution. Now, the question is who will fill it?

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Comments on “Are The RIAA Lawsuits Working?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

aahhhhh, Mike you’re finally starting to see what I’ve been harping on. They are going to shove it down our throats and there’s not a thing (legally) we can do about it … least not for the near term (read next 5 – 10 years). The music industry pretty much as a monopoly on music which is what people want … and to get it they have to play by the music industries rules … Least til the artists (ie the music) figure they can circumvent the industry and do it on their own … and that’s not going to be easy.

Now, there’s a new idea of getting venture capital. Go out and collect money to start your own band/group/etc and sale your own music. Assuming you’re any good, you could easily make and investor happy. Assuming you suck, we’d never have to hear you.

hmmmmmm…. this is working for me.

LittleW0lf says:

No Subject Given

Ever since the RIAA started suing their customers, there’s been an upturn in CD sales.

I wonder if this is an upturn in RIAA member produced CDs or CDs in general (indie and RIAA,) While I’ve been boycotting RIAA (for the most part, I did buy three blues CDs I absolutely had to have, but got them for $4.99 cause they were “old”,) most of the money I used to spend on RIAA member produced CDs have gone to the indies (CD Baby, HGMN, etc.) I have been buying some MP3 CDs though, maybe these are being included in the Vivendi numbers?

Sandbomb says:


Okay, im sure everyone is aware of movie and music piracy and the attempt by

movie and audio labels to stop it. every year millions are brought to court to

pay huge loads of money just to compinsate for “illegally” viewing a small

movie or playing a song that might not even popularly last for a month. But

this year…2006, it will all change, a boycott of original movie and music

products (DVDS, VHS and CDs) etc will be boycotted by who ever wishes to do so

to prove to movie studios and music labels that WE are the customers and WE

make them who they are. it shall start on the 4th of July and hopefully end on

4th of August. i sure hope you participate in this (hoped to be) global event.

for more send or add this email “”. thank you for your

time and i hope you spread the word.

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