Does The Government Have To Prove A Need For The Do Not Call List?

from the why-don't-you-provide-a-need-for-calling-me dept

Telemarketers are still fighting the national “Do Not Call” list of course, with one claiming that the government has to prove there’s a “need” for such a list. It seems like the 50 million people who signed up in the course of just a couple of months suggests there is a real need, but why don’t we turn that around? I would like “Mainstream Marketing Services Inc.”, the company who claims this, to prove to me why there’s a need for them to call me when I have no interest in being bothered.

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Comments on “Does The Government Have To Prove A Need For The Do Not Call List?”

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1 Comment
BlueFox says:

I can prove it for myself

I was getting 20 calls every day if not more. Since the list went into effect, I have received maybe 3 or 4 calls. This is great as I work nights and am usually asleep when they call. Since I have a hard time going back to sleep after being woken up it’s a major pain and even a life threatening situation. If I don’t get enough sleep, it can make driving dangerous. So far, I am glad for the list.

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