Do You Have Nintendoitis?

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Twenty years ago, or so, (uh oh, dating myself) I remember playing a track and field game on my Atari 800, which involved having to move the joystick back and forth as quickly as possible. It wasn’t long before I worked out the most efficient method: place your palm flat on the top of the joystick and move it as fast as possible. This was much faster than actually holding the joystick and moving it back and forth, but it did have one negative: it really hurt. You would rub raw a circular spot in the middle of your palm that could hurt for days. While I may have been an early victim of video game injury, it’s clear that I wasn’t the last. Players of video games are discovering all sorts of ways they can injure themselves while playing games. Taken to extreme levels, players can get RSI problems, somewhat jokingly referred to as Nintendoitis. Another problem some players get is that the players “over develop” the muscles on one side of their body – which has the sound of an urban legend written all over it, but apparently has happened. Others report that they have “Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome”, which is more commonly seen among jack hammer operators. There are, also, less direct risks: such as tripping over cables and getting beaten by a “girlfriend/partner/housemate” who wants you to stop playing video games all the time.

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Comments on “Do You Have Nintendoitis?”

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curtisk says:

Yep, Track and Field Arcade

is one of my worst video game injury memories. Not the two-button-smash-fest, but the track ball version. The track ball allows you to kick serious ass on that game but for a heavy price. Think about how hard and fast you have to “slap” the trackball horizontally across the control panel and how frequently(virtually non-stop), add heat from the friction created and the properties of human skin and BAM! Horrible, horrible blisters and splits in the skin of your hand

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