Can You Turn Your Head Into Speakers?

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Roland Piquepaille writes “This is not a joke. You can do it today, according to this article from Fortune, “Metal Heads.” It states that a small company based in Iowa has developed products made with a “smart” metal that can turn your walls or your head into speakers. “Last August, Etrema — an innovative technology firm nestled in the cornfields of Ames, Iowa — started selling those chrome discs for $1,500 a pair. Called Whispering Windows, they can turn any wall, window, or drab conference table into a speaker.” The author tried the technology, and even if she needed a full bottle of Tylenol after usage, said “it’s not every day that your head serves as a piece of stereo equipment.” This overview on my blog tells you more about this “magic” metal, the Terfenol, which is a combination of terbium and dysprosium. The article also says that we can soon expect pirated versions of Terfenol coming from China. “

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Comments on “Can You Turn Your Head Into Speakers?”

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Saygin(?) says:

Re: Soundbug: Toy, Ripoff, or Something else?

Could someone comment on the relationship and origin of the Soundbug ( The Fortune article mentions the Soundbug as a “toy” in passing. That’s interesting enough in itself, but I’m intrigued by the comments about the Soundbug being “developed” in the U.K.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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