Net Perceptions Sued For Not Selling Themselves

from the what's-left-to-sue? dept

I saw the news last week that Net Perceptions was dissolving itself, and was a bit surprised. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard a word about them in years, but during the boom years they were the hot player. If you were an e-commerce company you wanted to work with them and their collaborative filtering technology. They were one of the pioneers with collaborative filtering tools to figure out, if a customer bought products A & B, they might also want to buy C. It sounded great, but like many companies working on similar offerings, it never worked all that well. I was still surprised, though, that they couldn’t find a buyer, and assumed that the decision to dissolve was based on the fact that their were no other options. Apparently, their shareholders don’t think so. They’re suing the company for not selling itself. They claim that the company rejected offers to sell itself, though, the article doesn’t say when those offers came in or how much they were for. Of course, if the company is dissolved, I’m not sure what’s left to sue.

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