Half Of All Marketing Email Works, Half Hurts…

from the which-half? dept

Time to update the old line about how “half of all my advertising works – I just need to know which half”. It turns out that email marketing works sometimes – but other time angers people to the point where they stop doing business with a company. According to this study 57% of people said they had purchased something after responding to an email (presumably that they had really opted-in for). However, 80% said they ignored emails from companies they had opted in for, with 45% saying they’d completely stopped doing business with a company due to its email practices. Basically, common sense applies here: if you send people who request it, something that’s relevant to them when they need it, you’re fine. However, if you’re inundating them with constant emails that have nothing relevant to what they want, they’re not only going to ignore your emails, but they may actively resent your company. This all seems fairly obvious, but for some reason too many marketing folks don’t get it.

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