Gator Continues To Run From Spyware Label, Renames Self Claria

from the professional-makeover dept

It seems the heat was getting to be too much for Gator. The company’s name is almost completely synonymous with spyware, and they’re trying to shed that reputation. Recently, they’ve been suing or threatening to sue anyone who calls their app spyware. Now comes part two of the strategy. If you can’t get people to stop associating your name with spyware, you might as well change your name. They’ve gone from the consumery name of “Gator” to the meaningless, marketing approved, made up name of “Claria”. They even have a nice clean website that tries to make them look more like a legit marketing company, including the slogan: “The Leader In Behavioral Marketing”. Maybe they should consider phase three of their plan: stop offering spyware that often confuses or sneaks its way onto people’s computers without them realizing it.

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Comments on “Gator Continues To Run From Spyware Label, Renames Self Claria”

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rax (user link) says:

Meet the mangament team

I like how JEFF MCFADDEN’s bio measure his success by the fact that he single handedly caused a “rapid resurgence in the growth of Sun’s stock price” by introducing a new version of the SparcStation.

Yep, nothing says success like jacking up your companies stock price.

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