Wired Telco Business Down, Wireless Up: Verizon

Verizon reported in their quarterly earnings that the wired part of the company was suffering while the wireless arm was a shining star. Verizon Wireless, ~51% owned by Verizon, added a staggering 1.4M subscribers this quarter bringing its total to 36M. More remarkably, Verizon Wireless managed to increase the revenues per subscriber substantially at the same time as increasing subscribers – this is important as it means that they did not increase subscribers simply by lowering their prices. The company also has hit 100,000 subs with their new Push-to-talk service, and has a huge 10M active mobile data users. Hmmm… offer people good network coverage, good data services with low-latency and decent bandwidth and they will sign-up as your customers and use those services?? Who would have ever guessed?

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