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theodp writes “In communities across the nation, parents are going online to track everything from their children’s homework grades to their number of tardies. At least 6,500 schools nationwide have installed Web-based software with electronic-leash capability. It’s typically used in middle schools and high schools, where grades and attendance are more of an issue. ‘It’s kind of like spying,’ admitted a mother, who tracks her daughter’s daily attendance. ‘It’s good, though.’ As expected, some students have a very different reaction. ‘It sucks,’ said a Los Gatos High School senior. ‘When parents can know everything, it doesn’t give us a lot of freedom.'”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Just Wait Until You Work

Yeah, I mean I have this, like “boss” now who, like, sees if I actually arrive at work each day? I mean, he then makes sure that I actually do my work, and then makes sure I don’t take these REALLY long lunches and then leave early. To make things worse, he then checks the QUALITY of my work by actually checking it.

I never had to show up and do any work when I was in school, man. No one should be able to check up on you and you should do whatever you want, like hang out with your friends and stuff.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Just Wait Until You Work

There is, of course, a difference between monitoring the overall quality of your work and spying on your every little move. Micromanaging and paranoia from the person doing the monitoring creates an environment where the person doing the work is encouraged to work to the least reasonably accepted standards rather than working to the best of their ability. Trusting your workers (and your kids) seems like a strategy that has much more long term rewards.

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