Launches Again?

from the not-enough-publicity-the-first-time? dept has been out since the beginning of the year, and there have been plenty of articles (both good and bad) about the virtual online community, where you just sorta hang out and (’s management hopes) spend very real dollars on virtual clothing and other digitized goods. So, I’m a bit confused to hear that is supposed to be launching today. Apparently, the original launch was just a beta launch, and now it’s coming out for real – along with (I’m sure) plenty of publicity. Maybe it will be a hit this time, but it seems just like every other 3D virtual world that has launched over the past five or six years. They get some excitement at first, but never enough attention or users (or money) to stay alive.

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Comments on “ Launches Again?”

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1 Comment
Crapmaster T says:

No Subject Given

It will never work. Looks almost exactly like the Sims online. Same idea. Avatars are very similar. And as far as I know this isn’t being put out by a major video game company. Even the Sims online was a failure. Had their timing been better (three or four years ago) this could have taken off. But I just don’t see this happening now.

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