Give Your Junk Away To Someone Who Wants It… Thanks To The Internet

from the freecycling dept

We all have some junk in our homes that we probably just want to throw away, but it seems too usable to completely toss. You could sell it on eBay, but that involves its own hassles to deal with. So, an increasing trend is to set up systems that help people to give away their useless junk to people who want it. It’s basically like eBay, minus the selling part. You take your useless junk and list it, and if someone wants it, you send it to them instead of putting it out with the trash. I’m sure many people wonder why you wouldn’t want to put the item on eBay anyway, but many people probably don’t care about the money, and are just looking for the easiest way to get rid of their junk.

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Comments on “Give Your Junk Away To Someone Who Wants It… Thanks To The Internet”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Local Borrower/Sharing Site

I’ve been pondering something similar on a local level. It’d be nice if there was a way to network what resources you’re willing to share with those in your neighborhood.
E.g.:Why does everyone on a street need to own their own lawn fertilizer spreader?
It’d be nice to have somewhere were you can say things like:”I’ve grown too many zuchinis or apricots. Please come take some.”
I’m just trying to brainstorm ways to be neighborly without having to actually (*shudder*) go and talk to your neighbors.
Of course there’d have to be some way to control that only people you trusted were let in to your little clique.

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