Humans Increasingly Participate In Data Destruction

from the e-rage dept

Folks who are familiar with my uncanny abilities at destroying technology just by hovering around it are still amazed that I don’t hate technology and don’t (on a routine basis) end up causing more damage by drop kicking computers off of tall buildings (though, sometimes, I’m tempted…). However, it appears that not everyone has been able to keep their electronic rage in check. While technical breakdowns are still the main cause of lost data, rage, neglect and human clumsiness are quickly moving up the ladder. The study points out the odd finding that Monday mornings are the most likely time for someone to call tech support – and suggest this is because people rush to do something on a Friday to get out of work, and only realize the damage they did when they come in on Monday morning. The other suggested reason is that groggy Monday morning workers end up screwing things up. Of course, this ties in with a study done back in May that said Monday mornings were the most likely time for a website to crash, as engineers have been messing around with silly ideas in their head all weekend, and rush to implement them first thing Monday morning.

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Comments on “Humans Increasingly Participate In Data Destruction”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

my favorate case of data destruction...

A telephone billing system written in a system that short circuited any evaluation with “.and ” instead of “.and.”. They “programmer” who added to code just before monthly reconsiliation and lost about 3.1 mil that was never recovered from their customers. Shortly after that the system was farmed out to “real” programmers… god knows how much they lost after that.

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