Grokster Chief Quits, Joins Spanish File Sharing Firm

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Wayne Rosso has received a ton of publicity over the past year or so since his Grokster was sued along with the companies behind (at the time) more well known file sharing applications Morpheus and Kazaa. The press loves him as he’s always ready with a good quote, and was one of the first (of many) to offer to pay the settlement fees for the 12-year-old girl who was sued by the RIAA. However, in a surprising move, he announced today that he has resigned from Grokster to take control of Spanish-based Optisoft, makers of different file sharing applications, like Blubster and Piolet – as well as a backend network that promises to make file sharing more anonymous. He says he made the move out of “sheer greed” (a quote that could come back to haunt him), saying, basically that Optisoft has a better chance to push file sharing forward than Grokster.

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