Anti-Spammers Left To Pay The Bill On Frivolous Spammer Lawsuit

from the bad-news dept

Back in April, a group of mysterious spammers went so far as to sue anti-spam groups for daring to put together blocklists that would block their spam. After someone explained the law to the spammers, they tried to withdraw the lawsuit, but the anti-spammers actually tried to not let that happen. Knowing they had the law on their side, they wanted the case to go forward, and wanted to use the discovery period to figure out who the spammers were – and wanted to make sure those spammers paid the legal costs of the anti-spammers. The judge in the case has now dismissed the case. On the face, this appears to be good for the anti-spammers who were sued – but they weren’t granted their request to have their lawyers’ fees covered. So, basically, the spammers got away with falsely accusing the anti-spammers, and forced them to pay legal fees for the frivolous case against them.

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Comments on “Anti-Spammers Left To Pay The Bill On Frivolous Spammer Lawsuit”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

Got what they paid for...

As much as I hate spammers, the anti-spammers don’t have a leg to stand on (whether it is right or not.) They made a choice, either hire a lawyer and fight the charges or not. Once the plantiff drops the charges, the defendant is out of luck. It sucks, but that is the way the system works. I’d love to see it change, but crying about it won’t make the problem go away. I’d love to see a lot of changes in the current judicial system, but as long as we have lawyers in charge of everything, it will remain status quo I am afraid.

The only ones who win court cases are the lawyers, everyone else gets screwed.

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