One Reason VoIP Providers Having Trouble Meeting State Regulation Deadlines

from the the-chief-WHAT-officer? dept

Following all the recent stories about states like Minnesota, Wisconsin and California smelling some extra money and deciding that VoIP providers like Vonage should be regulated like phone companies, here’s one example of why the two sets of companies are a bit different. The state of Wisconsin apparently sent their request for information to Vonage’s competitor 8×8, and addressed it to their “federal compliance officer”. 8×8, a 45 person startup, had no idea what a federal compliance officer was, and therefore has been a bit slow in replying.

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Comments on “One Reason VoIP Providers Having Trouble Meeting State Regulation Deadlines”

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1 Comment
Doug says:


8×8 was founded in 1987, according to their online history. They changed the name from IIT to 8×8 in 1996, and did their IPO back in 1997. I remember a company that I worked for back in ’94 doing business with them under their former name.

There is even an AntiqueTech page devoted to them.

I think that CNet is more than slightly confused when they call 8×8 a “startup”.

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