The Rise Of Keystroke Loggers

from the they're-everywhere dept

There have been lots of stories about scammers using keystroke logger programs to get info from people. Last week everyone was talking about a company that was advertising (by spam, of course) the ability to send out an electronic greeting card to anyone you knew – that would secretly install just such a keystroke logging program. What’s just a little bit scary was how many people seemed to think that was kind of a cool idea (apparently, people hate being spied on, but the idea of spying on others doesn’t seem so bad…). However, it’s pretty clear that scammers are making sure that just about any “public” computer has some logging software somewhere – so you should be extra careful when using a computer that is not your own. Security companies say they’re seeing a lot more of these programs, and they’re getting sneakier in how they get installed. As for the electronic greeting spyware scam – so far, investigators say that it was a complete scam, and there doesn’t appear to be any such spyware available from the spamvertised site.

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Comments on “The Rise Of Keystroke Loggers”

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anon (user link) says:


Less than 24hrs ago I got to peer into the members section of .. trust me, they _were there _then; Offering a set of 16 spy programs for which you would only pay once a computer you had infected wrote back to them.

I thought they were in California. TODAY.. e.g. right now after reading your article I tried to back there to see _what you were talking about and the site is down.

Here are some more urls about this:

anon (user link) says:

No Subject Given

and yes.. long story.. i was looking over the shoulder of someone _very satisfied with the software they had installed on.. you guessed it.. their cheating lover’s computer.

so.. definitely *for real* .. they seem to have made their money and moved on.. or ducked and run for cover. she/my friend received spy reports as recently as yesterday.

entirely disgusting.

another anon says:

Re: No Subject Given

I used emailpi for a few months. It worked beautifully, until THEY decided to upgrade their stuff, and required customers to re-purchase the software. A total rip-off. And yes, I have noticed their website is missing in action. They were located in San Diego and the owner was nice at first, then became aggrevated by his own (mis)fortune.

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