TV Commercials Over Instant Messenger

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In yet another attempt to make advertising as intrusive as possible, AOL is planning to start pushing TV-style commercials via their AIM instant messenger offering. The video and audio enabled ads will show up in the small banner area above the buddy list. What’s unclear is what will cause the ads to start running. If they just start yapping away with no warning it’s going to be very confusing and very annoying for many users, who simply have their IM program running, but minimized, most of the day. Already audio/video ads in webpages get annoying when you have a bunch of browser windows open and have no idea which one is squawking at you. This is a situation where AOL would be actively providing incentive to stop using AIM and to move to other instant messaging products instead.

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Comments on “TV Commercials Over Instant Messenger”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: sound off!

Sure, you can do that… but we as consumers shouldn’t have to go out of our way to avoid these kinds of interruptions.

It’s like when my phone rings at 3:15 in the morning because someone dialed a wrong number – a gain. Sure, I could turn the ringer off on my phone, but isn’t it easier just to answer the phone and yell at the rude person on the other end?

westpac says:

Re: Re: Re:3 sound off!

We used to get calls at all hours for “Leticia.” After about the tenth one I’d reply “who’s calling?” which invariably caused the caller to hang up immediately.

This is why the phone company needs to get with the program and allow customers to keep their number when they move. Every time we’ve ever moved a similar scenario has occurred, like the guy in Phoenix who used to call long-distance at 4AM to leave long rambling incoherent messages on the answering machine.

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Off the topic ...

We are all getting off the topic, but on a humorous note there are some funny ways to deal with consistent wrong numbers abusers:
( Note, I ONLY do this when it is a repeat offender because I like to be treated kindly when I occasionally dial a wrong # )
1. If the same caller always calls asking to speak to so and so … kindly state that as soon as ___ removes their mouth from your dick you will be happy to have them return the call … as the wrong number abuser sits in silence, ask them what # to have ___ return the call to.
You can also say that ___ has been arrested for child molestation, drunk driving, exhibitionism, etc … BE CREATIVE !
2. If the calls happen to be of a business nature and your tired of getting calls for so & so’s restaurant, kindly tell the caller that you have been closed down because one of your employees was caught jerking off into the coleslaw.
3. If the call is always from the same tele-marketing firms, tearfully explain that the person in question has ” passed on ” and that by receiving these types of calls it serves only to reminds you of your great loss. ( You will have your # removed because you are playing on their sympathy )
You can either get pissed about the wrong # abusers or have fun with them … its up to you 🙂

Mark S. says:

Re: sound off!

Might be a coincidence, but it seems that if I have “active scripting” disabled (I have it disabled for regular internet, to block some ads, and flash ads) no sound ads come from AIM.

I put all the desireable websites the require active scripting in my “trusted zones”.

In IE, go to tools–internet options–security, click on the “custom” button. Scroll throught the list and find “active scripting, and click “disable”, then OK, ok.
It’s worth a shot.

Amanda says:

Re: AIM ads

I use that software, DeadAIM. I can’t see the commercials but I can still hear them. Sometimes it’s a movie preview, sometimes it’s just a random TV ad. I even disable my sounds and it still plays. I’m currently looking for some way to stop it. I don’t want to have to move to a new service, especially because everyone I know and their brother use AIM.

RB says:

Re: Re: Re: AIM ads

I have that same problem and i really hate it… another temporary fix is to go into the program folder for AIM and delete the Advert.ocm file, then make a copy of the Admin.ocm file and rename the copy Advert.ocm… but if there is a patch or software of some sort similar to DeadAIM that will be a permanent fix to the annoying audio playing on AIM then maybe I won’t have to shutdown and reboot when I try to minimize AIM… Very annoying if you ask me

Chuck says:

Re: No Subject Given

Your ad blocker program will NOT silence the audio ads!

All those programs do is hide the visual window, preventing you from even stopping the ad sound without closing the main buddylist.

They DO start without ANY warning, and play at a soft enough volume that you have to listen to even realise they are ads! They are EVIL!!!!!!! EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark says:

remove annoying aol audio adds

Successfully removed annoying audio adds from AOL version 5.2.3290

Open up hosts file. For Windows 2000 its in:
Other systems do a search.

add two entries to the file:

Then save the file and either restart your computer or from command prompt type “ipconfig /renew”

Upon restarting AOL Instant Messenger the add area should display a broken link because it can’t reach the adds. All other functionality works fine.

mark says:

Re: remove annoying aol audio adds

‘hosts’ file location can be found below:
Windows 95/98/Me c:windowshosts

Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:winntsystem32driversetchosts

Windows XP Home c:windowssystem32driversetchosts

Open the ‘hosts’ file in notepad.

You can add the entries at the end of the file
Usually after the entry: localhost

The bottom of the new file will now look like: localhost

Having extra lines is fine. These added lines prevent AOL from reaching the add servers.

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