Personal Emails To And From Enron Employees Online For Everyone To See

from the careful-what-you-write dept

No matter how many times we’re told not to write embarrassing stuff in email, we all do it – under the assumption that the chances of our emails becoming public are incredibly slim. However, some folks who sent emails to Enron employees between 2000 and 2002 might be a bit embarrassed to find those emails online. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission posted 1.6 million emails sent and received by Enron employees – including things such as someone (not an Enron employee) admitting a youthful crush from many years ago on an Enron employee, and someone else accusing an Enron employee of just wanting a one-night stand. Originally, many of the emails included specific personal info such as social security numbers – but, at the request of Enron, many such emails were removed from the online database.

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