Where's My Acceptance Speech? Techdirt Makes Another Best Blogs List

from the aw-shucks dept

Well this was nice to see. Scanning the headlines, and seeing an article from Australia’s The Age saying “The World’s Best Blogs”, I figured I might as well see who they consider top of the line. And, there, right at the top of list of technology blogs, is Techdirt. Aw, thanks! The list is pretty similar to the one Forbes came out with earlier this year. The four tech blogs they list all were on that list as well (Slashdot, Gizmodo and Kuro5hin). The other (non-tech) blogs are good as well. They also list BoingBoing as a gossip blog – though, I consider them to be a tech one as well. Anyway, I’d like to thank whoever made this all possible, but I already see them waving me off the stage…

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