Venture Capital Buying Into Voice Over WiFi

No, we’re not just posting this story because it’s another chance for us to use the “word” VoWiFi again. However, it seems that every day or so we’re hearing about companies moving forward with voice over WiFi plans. This latest one talks about VoWiFi player TeleSym is about to announce a large investment from some well known VCs. That means that plenty of other VCs will soon be throwing money at other VoWiFi players as well. I agree that there’s plenty of potential in voice over WiFi, but I wonder if the focus is too much on WiFi? Is voice over WiFi really that different a concept from basic VoIP? Yes, I like the idea of cutting the wires, as it would make VoIP more useful, but that’s really not the focus of the offering. By focusing on the WiFi aspect, you suddenly bring up all the questions surrounding WiFi and take the attention off the actual product.

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