The ISPs Who Route Around VeriSign

from the good-for-them dept

Broadband Report is naming some of the ISPs who are routing around VeriSign’s attempt at hijacking all typo traffic with their SiteFinder service. Interestingly, a bunch of them are pointing people to Google instead. I don’t necessarily see why Google deserves that traffic either. Why not just put it back to normal and give me back my “page not found” information?

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Comments on “The ISPs Who Route Around VeriSign”

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alternatives says:

huh 'page not found'?

Why not just put it back to normal and give me back my “page not found” information?

How is ‘page not found’ correct?

Is it not *MORE* correct to say ‘cannot resolve host’? Or how about: could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

Why ask for more broken behavior of ‘page not found’?

Brandon (user link) says:

Re: Re: huh 'page not found'?

Hack version 1:
update your bind server to turn all requests which return the IP address of sitefinder to return NXDOMAIN instead. Restores “correct” behavior. More difficult to implement.

Hack version 2:
Have a local override for the IP address of sitefinder which actually points at your own service or google. Trivial (I think) to implement.

Personally, I’m still impressed with the number of referrals I’ve been getting from sitefinder. Currently, its third behind Google and Yahoo.


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