Boy Bands Save 3G In Korea

Okay, not quite, but we’ve got a nice article about the success SK Telecom has been having tremendous success with their EV-DO offering in South Korea. The article extensively quotes Techdirt’s own Derek Kerton in one of his other roles as an SK Telecom exec, explaining just how SK Telecom has succeeded where others (um… Hutchison) have had troubles. The main point seems to be to not focus so much on the technology (it’s not about “3G” in Korea – they’ve got a nice brand named “June”). Also, they worked hard to make sure there was plenty of reasons to use the service – including partnering with major content providers and even (no, really) creating their own boy band (which, thankfully, does not include Derek – he can sing okay, but his dancing leaves something to be desired). Yet another example that people will come if you offer them something worthwhile instead of hype.

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