Counterfeit Bluetooth Becoming A Problem

According to this article, approximately 50% of Bluetooth products in the UK are fake – and the percentage of fake equipment is expected to increase drastically. The article points out that this fake Bluetooth equipment is unlikely to work properly – which makes me wonder why anyone would bother selling fake Bluetooth in the first place. The Bluetooth SIG is trying to kick off a PR campaign to get the attention of shopkeepers who sell fake Bluetooth products – telling them that doing so may get them in trouble with the law. The biggest concern, of course (not really discussed in the article) is that buyers won’t realize that it’s the “fake” Bluetooth that’s causing them problems – and will start to associate Bluetooth with “not working very well”. Knowing the number of wireless technologies that have struggled after over-promising and under-delivering, making sure that such problems aren’t blamed on the actual technology is important.

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