Updating School Policies For Technology

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As fast as technology changes, it’s often difficult for schools to keep up. Now, schools are starting to adjust their policies on mobile phones and PDAs. Some are allowing them – as long as they’re not being abused (though, kids say they’ve gotten good at tapping out messages under their desks). Teachers are rearranging classrooms and getting good at listening to how people are typing to determine if they’re messaging or just taking notes. Some schools, though, are still banning phones and gadgets, but kids are still sneaking them into class. While some people still seem fundamentally opposed to technology in the classroom, it’s not just going to go away. Figuring out smart policies for including technology where it does enhance the process makes a lot more sense than simply banning it outright.

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Comments on “Updating School Policies For Technology”

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1 Comment
Donald Jessop says:

Concern with phones/PDAs in classrooms

My biggest concern with phones and PDAs in the classroom is the ability to cheat with these devices. Imagine in a test being given the answers to 10 multiple choice questions at a time. Or, talking to someone who has already taken the exam and having them beam the answers to your PDA. While banning them may not make sense, understanding their usage in an exam is crucial. After all, you’re being tested on the exams contents, not whether or not you have learned how to cheat. This isn’t an aptitude test for RIAA executives.

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