The Five Day Workweek Changes Our Climate

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Found over at GMSV is the not particularly useful news that the five day workweek is effecting the climate. In other words, there’s a noticeable difference in climate on weekdays and weekends – and the only reasonable explanation is that it has something to do with folks going to work (more driving, more aerosol, etc.). Of course, figuring out what the effect really is isn’t quite so clear. In some places it went one way, while in other locations it went the other way. Though (and there’s a nice little map on the page), it looks as though the middle of the country moved in one direction, while the coasts moved in the other. No matter what, I’m trying to figure out how we can use this information to push for a standard four day workweek. Any ideas?

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Comments on “The Five Day Workweek Changes Our Climate”

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dorpus says:

The Germhouse Effect

Since most weather stations are located near concrete or asphalt, they tend to measure local climate effects. It’s no surprise if weather stations in the more densely populated coasts show a rise.

But never mind the greenhouse effect — there are naturally occurring germhouse effects that can raise the temperature up to 830 C.

I’m wondering if there will emerge bacteria (naturally or artificially) that like to grow under asphalt and emit huge amounts of heat, so they turn our highways into tarways. We could have cars that spontaneously combust.

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