Ghosts Afraid Of Mobile Phones?

from the um.--ok. dept

What is it lately with stories about technology and the paranormal? We’ve had a bunch of paranormal stories lately. Now, according to a “ghost expert”, mobile phones are scaring off ghosts. Yes, that’s right. Since the mobile phone was introduced, the guy is claiming, the number of reported ghost sightings has dropped. There can be only one explanation, according to this guy: ghosts are afraid of mobile phones. An alternate explanation, put forth in the article, is that most ghost sightings are actually “unusual electronic activity”, and mobile phones could be “drowning out” that electronic noise. How long until someone starts marketing a mobile phone for its “ghost fighting” properties?

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Comments on “Ghosts Afraid Of Mobile Phones?”

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LittleW0lf says:

Cell phones are expensive tools...

Cell phones are too expensive to be used in ghost busting, but their much safer and much easier to use the standard run of the mill Proton Pack (since it is more difficult to cross the streams on a Cell-phone than on a Proton Pack.)

However, I have a stick that I can easily make, costs far less than a either a Proton Pack or a Cell Phone, and sure enough, I’ve never seen a ghost while holding the stick, so it works. Never mind the fact that I have never seen a ghost while not holding the stick, but pay no attention to that.

Anyone know where a good haunted house is, I want to be able to bend the rules of the matrix too. (See Animatrix if you want to know what I am talking about…that has got to be the coolest “episode” on animatrix.)

Miquette Bull says:

I agree ghosts are afraid of cell phones, or mobile phones. I believe that there are spirts that definitely leave when a cell phone is on. I’m not sure why ,maybe they don’t understand what they are or if they would harm them.or maybe they do. Maybe the phones gives off some kind of energy that hurts the spirts in some way. I don’t think this happens to all spirts . I think more the bad ones leave right away when the phone is turned on.

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