Female Robots Are Coming

from the robotic-discrimination? dept

Roland Piquepaille writes “According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Hill, of the Australian robotic company Kadence Photonics, has reprogrammed robots to give them some “feminine” intuition. As wrote the author, “a robot that thinks like your mum may be running your kitchen and home sooner than you think.” Peter Hill’s new method of programming robots [is] based on co-operation rather than exploitation. These reprogrammed robots, Michelle, Romy and Goldie, “are able to switch between a number of jobs according to priority and circumstance.” “If a man does the housework, he’ll load the washing machine then stand there and watch it,” Dr Hill said. “A woman will go off and do something else.” Check my blog for excerpts from the article.” Anyone else think this is a bit sexist? Why is it that it should be “female” robots running your kitchen and home? Next thing you know, we’re going to find out that female robots make less money than comparable “male” robots…

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Comments on “Female Robots Are Coming”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I love the way these people always denigrate men with impunity, but say a bad thing about women and you’d better be wearing an asbestos suit. I would say more but I just started the vacuum cleaner and I need to watch the dust spinning in the vortex now.

Er… not really the point. It wasn’t that anything “bad” was said about women. It was just that the assumption was that it was more “female” to clean the house and take care of the kitchen. Making that assumption (not value statement) seems sexist.

mojo says:

Actually, I have never done laundry but if I did I probably would stand there staring at it, stunned and uncomprehending. It’s kind of a mystery to me, the whole process… whites, darks, detergent, etc.

I have painted however and no, I don’t stand to watch the paint dry. I think generally-speaking that men make better painters and women probably do a better job with laundry.

My 2.5 cents’ worth…

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