HP Cleared On Charges Of Deceiving Consumers With Half-Filled Ink Cartridges

from the deceive-away dept

It’s amazing how many different stories there have been lately about ink jet printer ink cartridges. There was the hype-filled stories of ink jet makers warning everyone of the (ooooh, scary!) dangers of not buying their own ink jet cartridges, followed quickly by the story showing that some printer manufacturers are trying to force users to throw out old cartridges even when they have lots of ink. The latest is a series of class-action lawsuits filed against HP, arguing that they were deceptive in advertising on the box that it includes an ink cartridge. It turns out that it includes an “economy” ink cartridge which is only half-full. The argument is that the consumer buying the printer isn’t going to know that, and actually thinks he or she is getting $20 to $40 more of product than they’re really getting. However, a jury in North Carolina has ruled in favor of HP, saying that they didn’t believe this practice was deceptive. Even though it doesn’t say it’s a half-cartridge on the box, it does inside the box. Of course, I don’t see how you read what’s inside the box until after you’ve bought it.

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Comments on “HP Cleared On Charges Of Deceiving Consumers With Half-Filled Ink Cartridges”

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Anonymous Coward says:

HP cleared of selling half full in cartridges...

…increases prices on ink cartridges to one tenth the current going rate for gold.

Meanwhile in other news, printer “manufactures” are now paying individuals to pickup their latest model printer.

International paper reports record profits and McDonals ceases to farm cattle in South America because no new plots of land have recently had their trees harvested.

Michael M (user link) says:

Re: Buy a laser printer

…but watch out – in the world of laser printers, new printers almost always come with half-full cartriges. Just about every manufacturer does this.

When the cartrige costs $80 and the printer costs $300, I imagine they have to do this to compete with other printers. I imagine, with inkjet printers costing under $50 and cartriges over $20, HP had the same reason for doing this.

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