Carriers Screwing Up Number Portability On Purpose

And now, the latest tactic in the wireless carriers’ battle plan to protest having to offer local number portability is to claim that the customer experience is going to be dreadful. Customers are going to expect a nice easy transfer – call up your carrier, switch the service, and bingo, everything’s good. The carriers, though, say that without any FCC guidelines, there are no rules and the plans so far are going to be anything but consumer friendly. Some are saying it will take five days to transfer the numbers, while others are planning to (get this) only allow for number transfers in the middle of the night. Of course, when this becomes a mess a consumers are angry, the carriers are going to say “I told you this would be a mess” when it’s their own incompetence and unwillingness to offer the consumers what they want that is going to make this a mess. They’re doing their best to make this a mess in protest.

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