More Problems With Diebold Voting Machines

from the doesn't-look-too-good dept

Already there have been a bunch of stories about problems with Diebold’s voting machines (not to mention the fact that the company’s CEO has made some questionable comments suggesting he’s anything but unbiased…). Now, the latest problem really brings into question the viability of the company in supply voting machines. In a local California county election last year, it turns out that the results of absentee ballots were put online, on an unprotected site, well before the polls closed. Diebold shrugs it off saying “well, it didn’t do any harm”. That’s not exactly the point, is it? If you’re looking to trust a company to provide a fair election, you certainly don’t want to leave it up to a company that can’t do the most basic things, such as keeping the results secret until the election is over. Someone else at Diebold is quoted saying that just because the time stamps say it was up during the election, that doesn’t mean it actually was. Even the company can’t keep their own stories straight.

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