Intel Delays Latest Wi-Fi In Centrino

Someone inside Intel is in trouble right now. Having once worked there, I know that if there’s one thing Intel management can’t stand, it’s when they’ve announced something, and then fail to live up to what they’ve promised. It’s considered completely unacceptable – unlike at some other technology companies where over-promising and under-delivering are the norm. Still, the fact that Intel has once again delayed offering a combined 802.11a/b offering in their Centrino chip suggests just how much trouble they’ve been having entering this market. Despite all the hype they’ve poured on Centrino, it is still a new market for them, and they may have overestimated their own abilities. While plenty of people are still predicting that Intel will end up dominating the WiFi space, this leaves the door open for others to continue to push forward while Intel figures out what went wrong.

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