Even Senator "Destroy Their Computers" Hatch Is Concerned About RIAA Lawsuits

from the even-more-backlash dept

Again, I’m really not trying to fill Techdirt up with only RIAA backlash stories – it’s just that there are so many of them. This one might be the most surprising, however. Back in June, Senator Orrin Hatch (also an amateur musician) made a ton of news for suggesting that anyone found with infringing music files on their computers should have the machines destroyed. Like a good politician, though, he seems to have sensed that didn’t go over so well in the court of public opinion. He’s suddenly very very concerned that the DMCA is not perfect and that the RIAA may be overstepping their bounds by filing these lawsuits. Three months ago he wanted to simply fry all computers after a simple warning, and now he thinks a lawsuit is going too far? While it’s nice that he’s knocking the RIAA a bit, you have to wonder about how well Senator Hatch understands the issues he’s talking about if he sways so widely from one side to the other in such a short period of time, without the simplest explanation for his change of heart.

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Comments on “Even Senator "Destroy Their Computers" Hatch Is Concerned About RIAA Lawsuits”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Senators, in theory, listen to the loudest of their constituents. With the RIAA’s latest frightening lawsuits, probably a few of the bigger companies backing him (no, not that one) got really concerned and had a heart-to-heart on the issue. Thus, he could be representing his people.

That’s his JOB, and, while it may not be predictable, it at least is explainable.

Anonymous Coward says:

Orrin Hatch

This is not a surprise, Orrin Hatch actually has a HISTORY of being helpfully critical of the RIAA. It’s just that he posed a hypothetical which people blew WAY out of proportion. Thank god reporters don’t quote supreme court hearings out of context because they pose all sorts of hypotheticals (which the justices may or may not personally agree with) to trap lawyers and make them think about consequences.

it’s too bad people don’t have more than a two-second sense of history.


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