The Plight Of The Stunt Double: Losing Out To Digital Special Effects

from the another-job-lost dept

Where are the protests? Where are the loud complaints about how come we’re not doing enough to protect this “vital” American job? Where are the lobbyists and Congressional hearings? Yes, that’s sarcasm, but considering the number of similar responses every time technology comes along and threatens to make one way of doing business obsolete, I’m only half kidding. It seems like the only reason the stuntman industry isn’t doing all those things is because they’re not big enough to have the clout. However, the article does describe how the Hollywood stunt double is getting increasingly worried about his or her job, now that so many special effects are being done on computers. Of course, it sounds like some in the industry are taking a realistic view of the matter, and admitting that digital technologies make movies better, and they know that they need to adapt in order to keep working.

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Comments on “The Plight Of The Stunt Double: Losing Out To Digital Special Effects”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Go watch ‘Hooper’ with Burt Reynolds and chuckle about a labor category that’s going to go away.

I feel for anyone who loses a job, particularly when the career options aren’t real good after that, but by using special affects on the computer, the industry saves themselves money and the lives of the actors/stunt persons is less of an issue. The insurance taken out for movies with lots of ‘booms’ is very high because of the inherent danger to the actors and stuntmen. This can only help the industry make movies for less movie ergo more profit.

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