Soundless Music Creeps People Out

from the make-your-own-haunted-house dept

Some researchers studying the effect of “soundless music” (low frequency sounds that humans can’t hear) on humans have found that it generally seems to creep people out, and may be responsible for the common spooky feeling people get in places that are regularly considered haunted. How long until scary movies start incorporating this soundless music into their soundtrack to make their movies seem extra scary?

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Comments on “Soundless Music Creeps People Out”

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dorpus says:

Mass Psychosis

Could Infrasound induce religious fervor at gatherings? Certainly, the big pipe organs seem like candidates for infrasound.

Could troublemakers of the future induce mobs to greater heights of frenzy? Concrete pavement conducts low-frequency sounds well, if I’m not mistaken. Could pre-existing infrasounds account for some cases of bridge phobia?

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