WiFi Phone Service?

This one might be going a bit too far. While there’s been lots of talk about companies setting up WiFi hotspots and other stories about WiFi phones, a company in the UK is now trying to set up a WiFi phone service. This seems like it won’t go very far as you’re offering a product that specifically limits its usefulness. If I have access to regular WiFi hotspots, I’d just want a phone that can work on any of them, rather than having a separate WiFi phone account. Just give me the connection and the device and let me do what I want with it.

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Comments on “WiFi Phone Service?”

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Jade says:

wifi phones

if i buy a contract phone featuring wifi and choose to use it… will i be limited to where i can use it? or can i use it anywhere with access to wifi? also will using this feature cost me more on my package deal, (will i need to buy the internet package aswell) or do i get to use the wifi for “free” from my contractor (i do realise some wifi sources require a fee, but i have never been told as to weather the contrators charge you for this feature) if anyone could give me some info i’d be really grateful. thanks.

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