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Already battling over “Push-to-Talk” in the courts, Nextel and Verizon Wireless have moved the fight to the court of public opinion. They’re starting an advertising battle against each other that takes direct shots at each other over their respective “walkie-talkie” features. Verizon Wireless is using the slogan: “Now there’s a push to talk that works where you do” while Nextel has gone with the slightly harsher: “We have push to talk. They have push to wait,” and “What part of ‘instant’ don’t the other guys understand?” One analyst predicts that Nextel will eventually start using “Can you hear me yet?” Of course, what’s silly about all this is there’s a pretty wide open market out there for the offering, and they’re already battling each other. Instead of trying to pick off customers from each other, or simply knocking each other’s offering, they should be focusing on ways to convince the millions of folks who don’t have Push-to-Talk as to why they might want such a feature. I still think that’s the bigger issue. Despite Nextel’s success in charging more for it, they’ve focused on niche markets. Most people in the general public don’t quite understand why they would want Push-To-Talk (at an extra $20/month) on top of their mobile phone service. Now, all they’re going to learn is why the other guy’s offering sucks. That doesn’t build markets.

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Comments on “Push-To-Mudsling”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: When will reception improve?

Because the Bells don’t *need* to innovate or improve service.

Ask me why I simply MUST have verizon’s crappy phone service when Qwest’s was so much better in comparison, and ask my why suddenly my DSL connection – known good hardware that happens to use a Speakeasy service on a Vz switch – is all but unusable where previously it flew on the Qwest switch. Ask me why I must dial 34 freakin’ numbers to get my cel call to go through when I roam on a phone card.

Competition is non-existant! Nothing drives innovation in the bells except for boredom! AT&T was better at innovating, and far better at reliability, and that’s embarrassing considering Vz’s pedigree. I’m moving to freakin’ South Korea so I can benefit from their huge infrastructure and mere proximity to aggressive, belligerent countries.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: And another thing!

One more thing. And THEN, after I dial the freakin’ 34 numbers (really – 2562863940256286394025644750425044) to get the one bleedin’ call started, how come it randomly doesn’t connect like 1 in 3 times? That’s a lotta numbers to type into a phone, ACCURATELY, at 50 miles per hour. God forbid I move off the free^up plan and onto a calling card – I shudder at the draconian procedure THAT would require!

The bells are a terrible example, especially in my home area, of how the gov’t has all but given away the copper access rights to the bells who in turn use it as a bludgeon to stifle any hope of competition. Thus, there is no competition, no choice in this capitalist-in-theory country and no innovation as a result.

With the cel towers popping up everwhere some church needs to supplement its tax-free income and rents out its steeple – and that’s a bunch of them – we may finally have a competitive market. No wonder everyone’s offering a $25/mo package. Do those push-to-talk phones interoperate? Therefore, does the consumer really have a choice or, like ICQ, are we stuck either buying whatever our peers all have and hoping for the best?

If that’s the case, why are they advertising at all, except to perpetuate the TV equivalent of a usenet flame war?

Oh. I guess that’s what Mike was saying. Good goin, Mike!

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Push-To-Talk or Nextel = Annoying!

It’s bad enough when you’re sitting in a restaurant and you have to put up with someone near you talking on a cell phone, but if every time they stop talking you hear that incredibly annoying ‘doodley-doot’ sound it’s just that much more annoying.

Those phones should be banned in public!

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Push-To-Talk or Nextel = Annoying!

Push to Talk / Walkie Talkie features are for the lower class. I will never carry on a phone conversation in a public place. Further, as a polite user I understand the vibrating feature, how to turn it on & how to get up and walk out into the lobby in order to take the call if need be. I am tired of hearing boring people tell each other where they are currently located. Cell phones should require licensing like drivers privileges. Proper phone etiquette has to be considered. The other day I’m trying to take a shit and this guy in the next stall is carrying on a business conversation. I grabbed my arm and made the loudest farting sound I possibly could. I figured if I can’t shit in peace I’ll be demanded if he’s gonna make a deal while his willies hangin’ out …

jstn says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Push-To-Talk or Nextel = Annoying!

Agreed Dan! Inaddition to learning that PTT can be silent, I think you should also learn about forum etiquette. This was quite an “Upper Class” comment from you “The other day I’m trying to take a shit…” Way to go AMetamorphosis, you have shown everyone exactly why not to listen to people like yourself. I think you should change your forum name to AInferiorityComplex.

Dan says:

Re: Push-To-Talk or Nextel = Annoying!

People that want to legislate manners are dangerous. Yes some can be bothered by people speaking on cell phones in public. What about people that don’t use deodorant? People that chew gum and speak. People that climb over you ten times during a movie to attack the snack bar? Manners not laws..

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