Spammers Team Up Against Anti-Spammers

from the let's-get-ready-to-rumble... dept

Brian McWilliams, the “hacking reporter”, has a new story about how spammers have their own online clubs where they can exchange the best tips for spamming. These groups are nothing new, but someone discovered a way to access one of these groups’ rosters, so there’s a bit of a story about just what sorts of people are paying $20/month to hang out with other spammers. Of course, just being on the list doesn’t mean you actually are spamming. If I worked for an anti-spam organization, I’d probably want to get on these lists as well – just so I’d have some “inside knowledge” on what tactics spammers are talking about. The guy who runs the group claims (of course) that he’s actually trying to help spammers be more legitimate, though, I’m sure that’s the party line for all of these groups. I would imagine that most of these clubs have a very short life-spam as the anti-spam folks discover and take down each one. For contrast, Business Week is running yet another article looking at how some anti-spam software companies fight the spam. Nothing particularly new, but it’s an interesting contrast to see how both sides work to outsmart the other.

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