So Much Attention Over A Robotic Vacuum

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Who knew one little robotic vacuum could get so much attention? The popular “Roomba” robotic vacuum that you can just turn on let it do it’s stuff made some news today by launching two new models. Of course, this little device seems to bring out very different opinions from different people. Some question whether or not it’s really a robot at all, and point to the fact that it’s method of vacuuming a room is completely random. It doesn’t have a set plan or know where it’s going – or where it’s been. It just keeps humming along. However, because of this, the reporter in the previous article suggests that the folks at iRobot who make the Roomba are making a mistake marketing it as a device that you can just turn on and then walk away from. Instead, it’s a conversation piece that is destined to draw attention. In other words, you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching. Not everyone agrees. Another reviewer says that the randomness means you should walk away or you’ll get frustrated with its random path, it’s missed spots and the few places it seems to hit over and over again. However, this last article also points out that the people at iRobot are thrilled that a Roomba hacking community has been built up around the device (unlike the folks at Sony who went ballistic when they discovered people were daring to hack the Aibo).

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Comments on “So Much Attention Over A Robotic Vacuum”

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Rosie the Robot says:

Rooooooomba !

I truly want want of these devices but am waiting for the model that will automatically return itself to the charging base, empty itself into a bin ( like my automatic cat litter box ) and can be programmed to run on a daily basis while everyone is out of the house … THEN it truly will be a self sufficient device worthy of my moola …
Until then I’ll settle for my Oreck ’cause it really does weigh very little and does a superior job.
I think the Roomba is a great invention and with a few more improvements may become defacto for vaccums.

Glenn says:

I owned one

And recommend it. It works great, and as I am a bachelor living in a condo with a fairly busy schedule, I vacuumed much more often with this thing than with a traditional upright. I liked it more for more kitchen than any other use, as it would get down and under the cabinet overhangs near the floor. I did get rid of it though. My two problems were (1) that my new carpeting was cheap, and for teh first month had way too much carpeting stuff come up during vacuuming and fill up the bin and (2) I’m allergic to dust, and it doesn’t have any dust filtering. All that said, I do believe it’s a great product. My dad purchased one on my advice and also loves it. He uses it to clean (I think for the first time in 20 years) under his King bed in the bedroom.

over and out.


Father Dan (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I have a roomba it it works great – if you’re not an idiot about the expectations. Of course its not going to do DEEP cleaning, but it does a great job of vacuuming hte most visible areas. I set it in the living room before I go out and when I come back the carpet is clean. Every few weeks the big vacuum comes out to get the hard to reach places – but Roomba does what 99% of people see – the main carpet area in the room. And it does it well.

Doug says:

Returned mine

Hmmm… so many positive comments about Roomba.

I had to return mine. It worked fine on hard surfaces, but on the carpet it just dragged its butt and struggled to move, until it decided that it was blocked and gave that “I quit!” beeping.

I’m sure it works okay on berber, and it should be fine on glue-down. But if the carpet has any noticeable pile to it, the Roomba seems to be unusable. The rubber flange that extends crosswise underneath the unit seems to dig into the carpet pile and prevent any motion.

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