What To Do With So Much Bandwidth In South Korea

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By this point, you’ve probably seen plenty of stories about how much more wired South Korea is. However, most of those stories seem to focus on numbers: percentage of the country with broadband access and the speed available. Very rarely do they talk about what people are actually doing with all that access. If they do, it usually focuses on the online games that are popular there. So, here’s a short story from Wired Magazine (admittedly focusing on anecdotal evidence) looking at what the Koreans are doing with their bandwidth. Not surprisingly, they’re using it to interact more (with each other and the government), as well as using it to free up their schedule (shopping on line, time shifting television viewing habits). Most importantly, they’re using it to get easy access to information. The writer suggests it’s a society that has more flexible time, better information, and better communication. I’m sure others may have a different view, but it certainly sounds like a a good situation overall.

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