Should Your ISP Scan Your Email For Viruses?

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In the wake of the SoBig fiasco last week, many more ISPs are thinking about scanning all email going to their customers and stopping viruses before they get anywhere. Apparently, a number of large ISPs already do this. Considering that most of the folks who don’t realize not to click on virus attachments probably are using a big name ISP, this is probably a good thing. However, some might not like the fact that their ISPs are scanning their email for them – even if it’s just to stop viruses. Personally, one of my spam filters (SpamCop) also scans emails for viruses, and alerts me when it finds one – though, it immediately deletes it. Thus, despite getting bombarded with attempts at sending me the virus last week, I didn’t have a single one actually reach my mailbox. Of course, it’s unclear if any of these ISPs actually alert their customers that they’ve blocked an email – though, increasingly, people may wonder whether that might be a good thing. When SoBig hit, I got swamped with “we caught a virus” emails which I could have done without.

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Comments on “Should Your ISP Scan Your Email For Viruses?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

“Considering that most of the folks who don’t realize not to click on virus attachments probably are using a big name ISP”.

Hehe, why did I think you were talking about dumb AOL users there?!

On a serious note, Earthlink already does virus scanning, and AOL are planning it.

Personally I do it on my mailserver too, at a simplistic level you can just bounce any emails with .scr/.exe/.pif etc. attachments.

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