The Early Success Of MIT's OpenCourseWare

from the good-for-them dept

It’s been over two years since MIT announced that they were going to put all their courseware online, for free. I hadn’t heard much about the program since then, but apparently, it’s doing quite well. Wired Magazine takes a look at how successful it has been so far, and the results seem very promising – and the program has barely just begun. People from all over the world are logging in and learning from the courseware supplied at MIT. It’s clearly not the same thing as getting an MIT education, but many people seem to be using the material to help them learn things they were having difficulty learning on their own – or at their own universities. Professors are using the material to figure out better ways to teach their own courses. So far, it seems like it’s been quite successful, and that’s only going to improve as more MIT courses go online this year. Of course, it’s interesting to contrast this article with the one we just posted about MIT folks worried about the influence Microsoft is having on campus.

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