How Did Scammers Get A Better Do-No-Call Number Than The FTC?

from the impressive dept

The FTC has put out a warning that a heavily advertised phone number 1-800-DO-NOT-CALL is a scam. The phone number is (of course) being advertised as a way to get yourself on the national “Do Not Call” list for only $2.95. Of course, getting yourself on the “do not call” list is free. The article claims the scam number uses speech recognition – but I wonder if they just say that, and it’s really just a voicemail box where those behind the scam get to listen to random people give all their credit card details. So, here are the basic questions: How does a scam operation get a better “Do Not Call” toll free number than the FTC themselves? More importantly, now that the FTC knows this other phone number is a scam, why haven’t they been shut down?

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