Hitting The Right Note… With A Little Help

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For speaking at a recent conference I received, as a “speaker’s gift”, a karaoke microphone that claims it will transform my voice, and make sure I sing on key, every time. I’m not a big karaoke person, so the microphone is stored away somewhere in its box. However, if you can build that technology down to the level of a cheap karaoke microphone, just imagine what you can do on a larger scale. While it’s not quite up to the level of Milli Vanilli fakeness, many musicians are using autotuners during live performances and on albums to make sure they hit the right note every time. Some are upset by this technology and think it’s cheating. They point to plenty of famous musicians who were rarely sang in pitch, but still made wonderful music. On the whole, I’m not a huge fan of debates over these types of technology. If the musician wants to use it, more power to them.

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Comments on “Hitting The Right Note… With A Little Help”

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Mr. Microphone says:

Electronic Cheese Whiz ...

This reminds me of those cheezy ” Mr. Microphone ” ads back in the late 70’s where the cornball guy sez’ to the Ladies ( over his Mr. Microphone ) : ” I’ll be back to pick you girls up later ” …
In any case, these microphones should be an asset to so called musicians like Brittany Spears …

Munich says:

Re: Re: D'Ohhh! TWO Simpsons Referrals

Hey, a two-fer:

1. Mr. Microphone – Episode where Bart gets one for his B-day, complete with take-off of commerical (“hey, good looking” AND Convoy)

2. Autotuners – Bart and pals in Boy Band sound horrible until they turn on the autotuners, then sounded like…whatever Boy Band was hot when they made it.

Maybe Mike should cut out the middle man and throw up posts from the Simpsons every now and then?

Edward Mishaud (user link) says:


Hey guys,
I’m interested in learning more about the autotuners.
I work with CBC TV’s “Street Cents” youth consumer show in Canada. We’re interested in looking into autotuners, so if one of you would like to provide me with some additional background with the autotuners, i.e. if you used them, different brands, etc., that would be very helpful.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Edward Mishaud

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