Build Your Own Power Plant

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Last week’s blackout apparently has created a lot more interest in figuring out to build your own power plant and stop relying on utility owned power. Already, apparently 8% of the power in the US is supplied from such “distributed” power plants. This goes beyond just having a generator, but in having a self-contained power plant. Of course, most of those investing in self-owned power plants are large companies, but it’s nice to think of the possibility of bringing it down to the local level. Think of it as WiFi hotspots for power…

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Comments on “Build Your Own Power Plant”

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Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

The prime benefit to centralized electrical generation is to centralize the pollution. If you reduce pollution in a plant by 1%, that’s 1% immediately for all regional users. Conversely, distributed generation is only improved at the whim of the individual owners, much like automobile pollution. How many 1980s “antiques” are still on the road?

mhh5 says:

Re: No Subject Given

Hmm. 1) I’m not sure “centralized pollution” is actually a benefit, and it costs a lot to upgrade one big power plant. 2) If you live in CA, all cars made after 1970 must pass a minimum smog test, so presumably, decentralized power plants could be held to the same kind of standards or have their operating licenses revoked.

frank says:

home built power plant

it can be done..theres a componie called EEStor. who claims to have produced a new batery that will replace all we have and be the answere to any problem relateing baytery storage.and the rest ime not going to elabarate on.its not rockit science and if one would educate them selves on all the new /old ways of skinning a cat .think out of the box.and allso think beond large componies holding your life in bondage by owning your sorce of power.this would free up the plants we allreddy have to deal with large catastrofic disasters witch are going to happen. i think i said enough.its more then possable ,the only rezistance we will have is big money not wanting to let go of its strangle hold on the american people ,the verry thing thats been holding us back.

Rakhitha Karunarathne says:

Centralizing the pollution has many advantages.
1. You can move the pollution to a area that minimizes the impact.

2. Some of the pollutants can be collected, managed, used commercially when they are produced in large quantities.

3. Also upgrading a one large plant actually cost less than upgrading million smaller plants. (most of the time)

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