The End Of Pop Ups?

from the that-would-be-nice dept

It appears that slowly, but surely, advertisers may be realizing that pop ups are a doomed advertising method. With more and more pop-up blocking products showing up – including the new Google toolbar and Earthlink offering free pop-up blocking downloads – advertisers are suggesting that the age of pop-ups may be ending. The simple fact is that they annoy most users, and annoying users isn’t the best way to get your message across. Of course, this only means that they’re going to work on the next intrusive and/or annoying method of advertising. Rather than trying to come up with more effective means of advertising, they always seem to concentrate on coming up with the most annoying means of advertising. This doesn’t seem very smart, but it’s certainly much easier for the lazy marketer.

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Comments on “The End Of Pop Ups?”

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bastard sam says:

No Subject Given

They’re all lazy marketers mike. Why do you think everyone was so surprised when google was actually delivering ads that were focused, and relevant? So what does this say about the internet marketers? Well, first, it tells me that most of them aren’t making much money. It also says that there is real actual profit out there for those that deliver relevant ads to people that want to see them. It’s not exectly rocket science, but it’s an idea that’s taken people time to catch on to.

Doug says:

Re: Pop-Ups

Speaking for myself, I divide ads into two groups. Those that stick themselves in my face when I’m simply going about my business, and those that are visible when I’m looking for a product or service.

I would be glad to see the interruptive ads disappear. I know that I’m in a minority, but with only a couple of exceptions I don’t pay any attention to them (exceptions are short-term items like movies, and the introduction of genuinely new products). Interruptive ads are just obscenities spray-painted on the landscape of my life, and mainly determine which products I will try to avoid.

On the other hand, when I’m looking for a product or service, I appreciate an informative ad. The Yellow Pages are the classical example, and for me it still is where I look for local businesses. For other stuff, I use Google, and the way that they present ads on the search-results page is fine with me. I occasionally even click on them.

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