Telecoms Like WiFi, Wish They Knew The Business Model

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As most people have suspected, with the recent push from all the major telecom players into the WiFi space, the carriers know they need to offer WiFi, but they’re still confused about the business models. This, of course, is why some are comparing it to the dot com bubble, where there was a ton of build-out, with no clear payoff. Of course, it’s a situation where carriers realize that if they don’t provide it, it will cause them to lose customers. In the end, it’s becoming pretty clear that it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to profit directly off of offering WiFi hotspots (except, possibly, at airports). The money has to be made in offering something above and beyond the hotspot itself – such as security. Also, I would bet that carriers are going to move towards the Verizon model of offering WiFi – where subscribers to their home DSL offering get access to their WiFi network as well. This gives customers more incentive to sign up for broadband from the provider with the widest WiFi network (or the best coverage in areas that are frequently traveled).

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Comments on “Telecoms Like WiFi, Wish They Knew The Business Model”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

to assume telcos don't understand wifi is to be ig

The *first* telco that I found to actually *understand* the business and must-do implications of WiFi Was Clear of New Zealand.

Last I heard they were rapidly deploying 3 access points per .5 km spaced telephone pole.

Folks, it’s unregulated.

That means Telcos can deploy it, amp it up and charge for it. Admittedly at great expense, but telcos have money to burn and there are a few telcos who actually understand that they need to monopolize this frequency resource to completely negate it’s “value” to the consumer.

The PI, on the other hand, is completely clueless.

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