Vonage Ordered To Follow Phone Company Rules

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Is Vonage a phone company? While they provide service just like a phone company, they do it all over the internet, rather than the traditional telephone system. Traditional phone companies are (of course) scared stiff of Vonage (though, some have tried partnering with Vonage). Now, Minnesota state regulators have decided Vonage is an illegal phone company – in violation of a number of regulations. Vonage, not surprisingly, plans to fight this decision, saying that since all their calls go over the internet, they’re nothing at all like a phone company. It’s not a surprise this is happening, but how it turns out (and how similar cases in other states turn out) will have a huge impact on how companies like Vonage can grow. This is another situation where regulators seem to be trying to fit old laws to new technologies – something that is likely to result in bad legal decisions.

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Comments on “Vonage Ordered To Follow Phone Company Rules”

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S. D. says:

Vonage's Legal Issue

Vonage is a new technological ability allowing them to sell a service without purchasing user rights for existing phone lines, required of by phone line owners of other phone companies. In other words, the telephone mega giants are worried about new competition which can essentially put them out of business if they don’t partner or begin similiar services at reduced costs. Either way, they will lose money with existing customer phone line service which has been their basis for startling profits continually since existence. Thru competition, better prices.

I’m happy there is a new competitor in the field. Good luck Vonage.

jamie says:

vontage is stealing my money

i called them the same day i ordered the service,23 days later they billed my credit card…i called them…they refused to give me my money back stating i never cancelled 23 days earlier! now they are telling me there is a 192.00 early termanation fee….but it states on their web site 60 day money back guarantee!!! what can i do…..this company is a rip off!!!

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