by Mike Masnick

BellSouth's Incredibly Short Trial With Vonage

from the hello,-goodbye dept

Just two days ago, News.com had a huge article about how Vonage, the voice over IP people who offer a flat rate phone service using DSL or cable modem service, were helping BellSouth offer a branded version of the service over their DSL lines. Today, BellSouth announced that they were ending the trial. That certainly didn't last long. What appears to have happened is that the BellSouth/Vonage agreement wasn't public until News.com mentioned it on Wednesday. In that same article, they pointed out that despite this working arrangement the two companies were fighting about some telecom regulation issues. My guess is that this caught the attention of some higher up folks at BellSouth who decided to pull the plug on the Vonage trials. This is probably a long term mistake. VoIP services, such as Vonage, are going to start eating into BellSouth's core business. It would make much more sense for them to have a piece of that pie from the very beginning, rather than scrambling to catch up later on.

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    Oliver Wendell Jones, 31 Jan 2003 @ 1:09pm

    Catch up? Why bother when they can just sue...

    Isn't that the current way of handling businesses that start to encroach on your profit margins?

    You find some obscure law or restriction that they might possibly be in violation of and then you either sick the feds on them (as Adobe did with Dmitry) or you find some IP that they might be violating and sue the heck out of them and try to drive them out of business (insert any one of a thousand recent similar lawsuits here).

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    Dr_Stein, 31 Jan 2003 @ 2:03pm


    Vonage really is a cool service. We have it at home and have never had any problems and have already saved a ton in long distance charges.
    I totally love it.

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    keith knutsson, 2 Feb 2003 @ 12:29pm

    No Subject Given

    i like vonage and intend on using it

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    Scott, 8 Oct 2008 @ 6:31pm


    Vonage is okay but the best VoIP service I have ever used is IamVoIP. There are times it is so quiet on the lines you have to ask the other person if they are still there plus you can use and make money with it.

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