Nextel: Tops In Customer Respect

A recent study from the Customer Respect Group (CRG) reveals that Nextel tops their list of companies ranked by the respect offered to them by customers. That makes sense. Then, somewhat damning the validity of the report, the study lists MCI as tied for top honors with Nextel. Hmmm. Let me see… The top of their list for “Respect” is a bankrupt company that lost billions in shareholder value, fudged SEC documents, lied to government and the people, has been debarred by the General Services Administration for gov’t contracts, and has recently been found likely to be operating inter-carrier scams (“MCI is accused of having two illegal access-charge operations. The first, known as Canadian Gateway, routed calls to Canada and then back onto AT&T Corp.’s network, causing AT&T to pay the access charges to deliver the calls to their final destination. The second, known as Project Invader, was started before WorldCom bought MCI and allowed the nation’s second-largest long-distance player to disguise long-distance calls as local thus avoiding the access charges, according to the allegations.”) To be fair, the study seems to focus on how the companies treated their customers, not how ‘respectable’ they are, but associating MCI with respect at this juncture is a stretch.

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